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The Reason we are here!

Love Jesus

We know that Jesus gave everything, even His life, so that we could have life; because of this, everything we should do has to start by loving Jesus and trusting Him.
Love each other
 We are family, Family loves each other, helps each other, serves each other. They have each others’ back, no matter what.   Family also teaches each other and leads each other.  Family is important and messy, but is not optional.

Love your Neighbour

 We live in community composed of all kinds of people, backgrounds and needs. It is the role of this church to love our community by loving our neighbors.


What is happening now!
We are excited as we begin to build our launch team.  We have started meeting on Sunday mornings at 10:30am at 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd 
All are welcome to join us 
Where do I fit in?
This is a new start of a church and there is room for everyone to serve and grow.  Look below and see where you feel you could be part of the team
Vertical Welcome Team
Vertical Kids Team
Vertical Band Team
Vertical Media Team
Vertical Outreach Team
To set up a time to meet Chris and Gemma Ney for coffee or more information you can email or text/call 403-627-9891
We would love to connect and get to know you and help answer any questions you might have, we are very excited to be a part of this community


No one left behind
We desire to give everyone an opportunity to know Jesus, while growing together in relationship with Him
Mark 12:30-31